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9 Ways To Boost Your Home's Value For Under $75

Monday, May 31, 2021   /   by Teresa DiPeso

9 Ways To Boost Your Home's Value For Under $75

Adding value to a property shouldn’t be of interest just to those who are planning to sell in the near future. Many of the small improvements you can make when preparing to sell not only can add value, but can increase your enjoyment of your home. So whether you’re selling or staying put, consider these small improvements you can make for less than $75 (and a little elbow grease).

1. Mount a mirror. The human brain can easily be tricked, and mirrors are great at creating the illusion of space and bouncing light around a room. Be careful not to go overboard, as you don’t want to be constantly coming face to face with your reflection, but if positioned cleverly, a mirror will work hard at making a space seem bigger than it is.

2. Add accent lighting. A few cleverly positioned floor lamps, table lamps or even twinkly lights can make a world of difference to the atmosphere of a room. These items can be picked up relatively cheaply, so it’s worth shopping around. And you can change the tone of a light by swapping the bulb for either a whiter or warmer glow.

3. Pull in a plant or two. There are few rooms in the home that can’t be improved by an appropriately chosen piece of greenery. Remember to keep it in proportion, though, and go only for things you know you’ll be able to maintain easily.