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Escape From Home with a Jersey Shore Vacation Property

Tuesday, December 3, 2013   /   by Teresa Dipeso

Escape From Home with a Jersey Shore Vacation Property

Feeling the need to get away from your home for a while? Perhaps the winters are too dreary and you need a change of scenery. Maybe you miss the sound of the ocean, walking along the boardwalk and small town charm of your favorite Jersey Shore retreat. Or maybe you just want to get a head start on retirement plans.


If either of these scenarios scape may christmasound like your situation, it may be a great time to consider buying and owning a second home at the Jersey Shore. This is a great time to buy, as mortgage interest rates are currently very low. There are also many other advantages to keeping your home and purchasing a second one.


If you choose a popular destination such as Avalon, Cape May, Sea Isle or the Wildwoods, vacation homes usually do a good job of retaining their value over time. You also get all of the tax benefits of home ownership and have the possibility of accruing rental income if you choose to rent out your home when you are not using it, making a vacation home very convenient.


If the Jersey Shore is a vacation spot you come back to time and time again, why not have a spot to call your own? Enjoy the Islands without the crowds, savor a meal at your favorite restaurant, delight in local holiday events.  Your second home can also be great for family gatherings and reunions.


The Jersey Shore Realty Group is ready to help you begin the search for your fun and exciting second home. Call our team today and we’ll see you at the beach!

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